About Mike

 My approach

As an acupuncturist licensed by the state of New York, acupuncture is a central part of how I treat patients. However, my training and practice goes beyond inserting fine needles in strategic points on the body. Often I will include some body work such as tut na or craniosacral therapy. And I am fully trained and certified in Chinese herbology and will include herbs when appropriate according to a patient’s preferences. I also practice cupping which has become more popular recently, and it can be effective for certain patients.

The best medicine is the medicine that one can give themselves. because of this, I collaborate with many patients on improvements to diet, exercise, and lifestyle in general that can put them in control of improving their health. Rather than enforce arbitrary restrictions on how one leads their life, I help them achieve goals reasonable to what they are capable of.


Mike’s Background

I earned a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College . My study didn’t end there as I am always taking courses, reading, and interacting with other practitioners to build upon what I already know.

Before that, I worked as a graphic designer for many years with publications and websites. In graphic design my approach was what is called “user-centered design,” keeping your audience central to how things function.  How I practice medicine, I like to call “patient-centered medicine,” which uses a similar approach.

I also practice Qi Gong, and love open water swimming in lakes, rivers, and the sea when I have a chance. I lived in Argentina for 9 years so I am fluent in Spanish. Así, si está más cómodo, podemos conducir los tratamientos en español.